Display Guidelines


Exhibitors provide own tables, tablecovers, display props and chairs (director chairs are recommended – no lawn chairs or folding canvas chairs permitted).

Table Covers – In order to present a professional looking show Huff’s Promotions requires that all tables must be covered to the floor and on all 4 sides with dark blue table covers.

  • Covers must be cloth, clean and wrinkle-free. Sheets or plastic are not acceptable.

    Huff’s offers complimentary blue table covers for your first show, if needed and ordered on your application. 8’ x 30” x 30” table covers are available for rent for $15 per cover and for sale for $55 per cover (or current price).

    If you would like to purchase table covers directly you may contact Dealer’s Supply at 1-800-524-0576 or



Maximum display height is 6’ tall.  Please be aware that there are space limitations for displays that are considered “big & blocking”.

  • All lighting fixtures should be uniform, if used.  All cords must be out of sight and safely covered (see electric section).
  • If using a free-standing structure it must be finished on all sides and have rubber tips or mats under display.
  • Metal grids are not acceptable at some malls.  If using metal grids, please cover as much as possible using a nice arrangement of product or using fabric (solid or sheer) draping.
  • Rolling racks are not permissible.
  • Do not use mall fixtures, trees or fountains for display or storage.
  • All boxes, cartons and inventory should be stored out of sight and off the mall floor by 10am each day.
  • 4 wheel dollies are not permitted on show floor during mall hours.
  • Exhibitor must be neat in appearance and dressed in professional looking
  • All signs, flyers, banners must be of professional quality.  Large vinyl banners are not permitted, if in question, please ask show manager.
  • Handmade signs and “Sale” signs are not permitted at any show.
  • “Today’s Special Discount” signage is available through the show manager.  (Refer to our Customer “No Hassle” Discount Program.)
  • Your display area should be kept neat and tidy at all times.
  • Booths must be manned all mall hours.  All booths must be set-up and open for business when the mall opens each day.  This means arriving prior to opening time in order to allow proper time to open booth.  Generally hours are Mon–Sat from10am to 9pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Verify hours for each mall at set-up.
  • Early dismantling/tear-down of your booth is NOT permitted.
  • No blue jeans or shorts permitted.